Приветствие Генерального директора Организации по промышленному развитию (ЮНИДО) ООН доктора Кандэ ЮМКЕЛЛА




DIRECTOR-GENERAL                                                                                                                    5 September 2006

Message to the Congress Innovation Technologies for Oil & Gas Industrial Energetic and Communication
"CITOGIC2006 -Tomsk", 5 to 9 September 2006, Tomsk, Russian Federation

 Dear Organizers and Participants of the Sixteenth Congress "CITOGIC 2006 -Tomsk"!

It is my privilege and honor to address you and express best wishes and success in your work and deliberations.

The yearly Congress is a leading world event in the field of strategic advanced technologies aimed at strengthening the efficiency and effectiveness of the oil, gas, petrochemicals and telecommunication industries. The outcome of the discussions and decisions stimulates the promotion of high technologies and their application, attracts investments into a real economy, encourages protection of the environment and strengthens mutual interregional and international cooperation.

This year the Congress organized by the Russian Academy of Technology Sciences, GAZPROM and Administration of Tomsk region is being held in Tomsk city, the city with the great scientific and technological potential, territory with glorious history with very talented population and significant reserves natural resources. In the region which is very prominent for long term investments.
My sincere congratulations and best wishes to the Governor and the people of the Tomsk region and Major of Tomsk, hosting this conference.

I am confident that discussions at the various plenary and scientific-technological sessions, business clubs as well as exhibitions and working visits to various production sites will lead to widespread knowledge of advancements in the development and introduction of high technologies in the strategic industries that are determining the level of economy in the twenty-first century. The outcome of the Congress will surely give important impact to the future development of this transpolar area.

UNIDO is continuously cooperating with CITOGIC and considers this event as an important instrument in forging cooperation between industrialized countries, economies in transition and developing countries for sustainable development and promotion of cleaner production, eco-and-efficiency and rational use of valuable natural resources.

In conclusion, I would like again to express my sincere appreciation to the Organizers of "CITOGIC 2006 -Tomsk" and wish the Sixteenth Congress great success in its deliberations.